Manual vs Automated Blood Tube Strippers

The medical tool that is used to safely strip undiluted air, liquid, or blood from the rubber tubes of blood bags is called a blood tube stripper. Using the blood tube stripper’s side jaws, the remaining blood in the segments of the tube are separated by cutting between the seals and sealing it mechanically with aluminum clips.

At the present, there are many available options for blood tube strippers regardless if it’s manually operated or automated. In comparison, automated blood tube strippers promote an effortless and smooth stripping of blood bag tubes. This can be attributed to the fact that the automatic device provides better ergonomics.

A manual blood tube stripper on the other hand gives users more control since there is no substitute for human intelligence. With over a century of product expertise and knowledge, Hettich adds another innovative device to its range of quality products by introducing its own line of manual and automatic tube strippers.

Hettich’s automatic tube stripper comes with a new and redesigned tube holder that ensures better tub guidance. Apart from its peerless efficiency, Hettich’s automatic tube stripper also has low energy consumption. The device is also thoughtfully designed to suit right and left-hand use. This facilitates fast stripping of blood bag tubes.

Hettich’s manual and automatic tube strippers are world-class products made in partnership with blood solutions experts to ensure effective and efficient blood processing in blood banks.

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