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Tips For A Healthy Diet

Staying healthy is something that can be quite difficult when you live a busy lifestyle. One of the reasons for that is maybe you find it hard to have a well-balanced diet when you work 40+ hours a week. The thing is, you don’t need that many hours in a week for you to stay healthy with your diet. You just need to ensure you eat the right foods and cut out the bad ones. In this article, we are going to discuss the many things that you should do to ensure that you stay healthy.

Starchy Carbohydrates

Firstly, what you should do is ensure that a third of the food you consume a day should be starchy carbohydrates, and rich in fibre. Some of these foods include rice, wholewheat bread, wholewheat cereals, potatoes and pasta. We understand that wholewheat foods may not be the tastiest of foods. However, they are rich in fibre which is an essential nutrient for our body.

Try To Eat Your Five-A-Day

Another good way to ensure that you are healthy is consuming your five-a-day. We understand that eating fruit and veg five times a day may be difficult. However, if you have a glass of orange, apple juice, a banana as a snack just before lunch, a piece of fruit with your lunch and two vegetables for your dinner, you have successfully had your five-a-day. There are many different fruits and vegetables out there so you should never struggle with finding ones you like.

Eat Plenty Of Fish

Fish isn’t for everyone. If you are one of those people that do like fish then make the most of it. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient that we require for maintaining eye health, promoting brain health, helping with bone and joint health and many more. It is believed that omega-3 also helps with our memory. If seafood is not for you then we suggest consuming mixed nuts as some of them contain omega-3.

Avoid Fat and Sugar

Although a little bit of fat and sugar is recommended in your diet, too much of it can be harmful. Many foods are high in sugar and fat and some of those include; Butter, cheese, cake, pies, sausages and many more. One thing that we will also suggest is that you limit the number of fast-food restaurants you eat at. A treat to Mcdonald’s every once in a while is good. But too much will not be good for you. Avoid fast food takeaways and sugary snacks and you will soon see the benefits.

To Conclude

There are many ways to ensure that you are healthy. Consuming your five-a-day and avoiding high fat and sugar foods will also put you on the right path. Furthermore, you may be deficient in some vitamins and minerals due to a certain diet. However, there are many supplements out there to help with that deficiency such as vitamins with B12, multivitamins for all of your nutrients, vitamin C supplements, magnesium supplements and many more. Consult your local GP before taking any supplements to ensure that you are safe to do so.

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